Our Service Team and How we work

Our service team and how we work

Our dedicated service team identifies individuals who need help or care. In cases of urgent medical attention or surgical procedures, the team admits such individuals at partnering hospitals in the city. Post treatment, they are shifted to the A.i.R. Charitable Home for extended care. Once they recover, they are shifted to the A.i.R. Transit Home or to other shelters/NGOs as the need may be. The city police, social workers, other NGOs and citizens of the city also refer people to us and help us in identifying those who may be in need of medical assistance.

24/7 Emergency Medical Helpline Number

A 24×7 Medical Helpline number 97395 44444, dedicated to the service of the poor, has been set up to ensure effective and immediate assistance to the poor. Anyone can call this number to inform the service team about the whereabouts of any destitute individual in need of medical attention.

The line keeps buzzing with calls from various parts of Bengaluru city. Once informed about such cases, our service team reaches out to help the ailing in an ambulance and helps them get admitted at various partnering hospitals in Bengaluru or admits them at the A.i.R. Charitable Home.

This unique initiative is also an attempt to actively involve and engage citizens in humanitarian and community work, encouraging them to be socially and morally responsible.