Our Service Team and How we work

Our service team and how we work

Our dedicated service team identifies individuals who need help or care. In cases of urgent medical attention or surgical procedures, the team admits such individuals at partnering hospitals in the city. Post treatment, they are shifted to the AHH Bannerghatta Home for extended care. Once they recover, they are shifted to the AHH Chikkagubbi Home or to other shelters/NGOs as the need may be. The city police, social workers, other NGOs and citizens of the city also refer people to us and help us in identifying those who may be in need of medical assistance.


Our work involves rescuing the sick and abandoned from the streets, and offering treatment and rehabilitation so that they can live a normal life. Our 24x7 helpline number 97395 44444, enables people to contact us when they identify those who need our help. Our service teams are deployed in ambulances to pick up individuals who are reported to us on our helpline number and through other sources.


All those who are referred to us, brought to us or rescued by us are checked for medical conditions, and physical and mental ailments. They are then admitted to the AiR Humanitarian Home at Bannerghatta. If they require immediate medical attention, our team helps them get admitted to a hospital for diagnosis and treatment. After ensuring effective treatment, they are brought back to the home for recovery and care. We leave no stone unturned to give every person a chance at life and happiness.


Our duty to serve does not end at bringing the ones who are suffering to our homes. The true success of our mission is when we touch, trigger and transform the lives of those who suffer. We know that whatever brings the person to such a state is usually more than just physical trauma. For them to recover from the emotional trauma, depression, and anxiety that might have accrued during their time of helplessness, we offer counseling. This, along with personal attention gives them a redefined outlook at life so they move ahead with strength and hope to live a normal life.


After our residents regain health and are deemed physically and mentally fit, they are moved to other NGO homes. There are many organizations that partner with us, offering shelter for women, the elderly or for homeless children. While some are sent back to the care homes where they have come from, others are reunited with their families or next of kin. Rehabilitation and reunions happen with Police assistance so nothing goes amiss. We happily adopt those who have no one to care for them and they become a part of the AiR Humanitarian Homes family. There are some who also choose to work alongside us in making a difference in people's lives and we gladly welcome them to our team.

Helpline Number

  1. 1. Service to pick up patients and provide immediate basic medical assistance.

  2. 2. A dedicated team of in-house doctors, nurses, attendants who provide first-aid and emergency response to those who are rescued.

  3. 3. Physiotherapy for patients with physical challenges.

  4. 4. Nutritious and wholesome food (photos of food being served)

  5. 5. Medical care including dressings, medication, IV drips

  6. 6. Personal hygiene of all residents is taken care of

  7. 7. Recreational facilities and diverse activities