Repairing Despair

Bhavya undergoing physiotherapy at A.i.R Transit Home

30-year-old Bhavya, whose parents died in a brutal road accident sometime during her childhood, has been living on the streets picking scrap metals and plastics. The very thought of being all alone and homeless all her life drove her into depression. Since there was no guidance or counseling, she started drinking alcohol, hoping that it will wash down her sadness. This, in turn, resulted in a serious alcohol dependency syndrome.

Her everyday living was hazardous as it involved toxic waste and other chemical substances. One day, Bhavya realized that she had lost sensation in both of her arms and legs. She had no idea how or what drove her to this condition. All she could do was think back and imagine how things could have been if she had had her family around to look after her. It was only later that the doctors inferred that her Quadriplegia could have been caused due to chemical imbalances in her system, which was possible given what she had been doing for a living.

Our team rescued her from the streets in this condition where she wasn't able to move her arms or legs. She's now being given treatments that have been advised by doctors and orthopedic specialists. It has been three months since she's been adopted into our home. Because of meticulous care and physiotherapy, she is now able to move her arm and legs. Although, further treatment is required to gain normalcy again.

The residents at our home have been supportive of the recovery of Bhavya. We're glad that she now has people who care for her, just as she does.

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