Our Mission

The A.i.R Charitable Home and A.i.R. Transit Home were founded by AiR (Atman in Ravi), a renowned philanthropist, spiritualist, author, speaker, motivator and singer with the mission to Serve the Suffering Humanity as Prayer to God. Established in 1998, these two altruistic establishments have been able to save thousands of life by providing timely medical help and a home to the destitute and abandoned.

In the last two decades, over 50,000 needy individuals have been provided with medical care, help and emotional support. We have organized medical procedures and surgeries for our residents and patients, provided prosthetic limbs or wheelchairs to the physically challenged, and treatment for the ailing including those suffering from life threatening diseases like AIDS and cancer. We have rehabilitated our patients, reunited many of them with their families, and by aiding them in their recoveries, empowered them to become independent enough to find employment. We have strived to ensure that each one of our residents is able to live a life of dignity.

The Impact You can Make

Nutritious meals to our residents and recuperating patients

Medicines, medical treatment, surgeries, post-operative care

Maintenance of our existing facilities

Upgrading of Services and facilities