Bangalore, the IT capital of India, teeming with 10 million people, is also a city that has over 25000, homeless people, but the city passes them by. The busy modern-day lifestyle and the boom in technology has become a cause for people to not interact with society on a personal level. The result? It has left the ones who are ailing, and those who are abandoned on the roads, feel invisible. Some parts of this city has streets that echo the cries of such people - cries of suffering that often go unheard. Sometimes, the reactions they get from people who walk by are terrible. Having our eyes glued to the phone or being busy in an interminable discussion with a friend as we walk by, seems an integral part of our busy lifestyle. But what is inexcusable is when people turn their heads away after seeing the plight of a suffering soul. We must remember that they were once like us, to have come to this world, just as we did. Do we ever think that sometimes, just a kind smile or merely asking what ails them, would beenough to show that we care? Call us at +91 97395 44444 so we can help them and make a difference.