A.i.R. Transit Home

Located at Chikkagubbi Village, the A.i.R. Transit Home is one of our establishments that endeavors to provide assistance and long-term care to the underprivileged, the homeless, children, the elderly, abandoned women, and the physically and mentally challenged. In addition to this, the patients who are recovering from trauma at the A.i.R. Charitable Home are often shifted to the A.i.R. Transit Home if they require continued attention and support. Once the residents are deemed medically and physically fit, they are placed at other NGOs, rehabilitation centers and homes that are in our network, depending on their need or the type of care required.

Some residents, however, are adopted for life by the A.i.R. Transit Home, and they will continue to be with the home for as long as they live. Such cases are regarded as Special Cases, and hence they are adopted. We consider them as a part of the A.i.R. humanitarian Homes' extended family and we're glad that we could give them the care they deserve when the rest of the world let them down.

Residents at the Home are encouraged to be active and live a normal life. They are motivated to get involved in the running of the Home or in assisting each other in their everyday lives. The Home offers recreational activities like gardening and board games including carom. The residents also receive vocational training or Yoga classes if they are interested, to instill a sense of confidence in them.

Many NGOs in our network visit and avail support when required. Together we try to provide the residents with a nurturing environment so they can recover from both the physical and emotional trauma that brought them there.