A.i.R. Transit Home Icons

While some residents stay at the home for a brief period of time until they recover or are rehabilitated, there are a few who will continue to live at the home as long as they live. These residents have been abandoned by their biological families – they have no roof over their heads and no one to care for them. They have been adopted by the A.i.R. Transit Home and are considered as a part of the A.i.R. Humanitarian Homes extended family. For these residents, this home is truly like no other. We believe that shelter, food, and clothing are one's basic necessities and that there must be no lack of these necessities. However, we also believe that it takes more than just basic necessities to make people feel happy and comfortable. We provide our residents with a warm, caring and genial environment that ensures that they truly ‘feel at home’.


18 years old, afflicted with
polio and cerebral palsy


35 years old,
Physically and mentally challenged


3 years old
Paraplegic, youngest resident

Jai Krishnan

33 years old
An amputee


27 years old
Polio afflicted


58 years old


92 years old
Oldest resident


45 years old
Cancer stricken


36 years old
Depressed, General debility

Meena Kapoor

56 years old
Suffering from psychosis


38 years old
Visually impaired