A.i.R. Charitable Home

Established in 1998, A.i.R. Charitable Home, formerly the Humanitarian Hospital (a charitable hospital, with no cash counter that provided free medical services and facilities to the destitute and homeless) has transformed to become a home for the ailing poor and the abandoned. Once we identify individuals who need medical assistance or care, we admit them at the home. We partner with other hospitals to provide our residents with specialised treatments or surgical procedures if the need be. Subsequently, the residents receive extended care at the A.i.R. Charitable Home, and after they recover, they are shifted to the A.i.R. Transit Home or some other shelter. Some individuals are sent back to their homes and reunited with their families.

In the times to come, we hope to expand the A.i.R. Charitable Home to become a 1000 bed facility.

Some of the services offered at the Home are:

24/7 Ambulance Service to pick up patients and provide immediate medical assistance.

A dedicated team of in-house doctors, nurses, attendants

Physiotherapy for patients with physical challenges

Counseling services for trauma, depression and behavioral disorders