AHH at Sipani Seva Sadan is our humanitarian collaboration with the R.K. Sipani Foundation. We realize all too well that while many organisations may wish to build charitable establishments, they may not necessarily have the expertise or time to manage them. Hence, we offer to manage such homes and shelters on behalf of corporates and companies. Ever since it was established in 2012 by the Sipani Group, this home at Chandapura is being managed by the AiR Humanitarian Homes. AiR Humanitarian Home at SSS was founded with the mission of “lending a helping hand to the poor and underprivileged members of our society.” It is a home to those who have been abandoned or neglected by their families. We have given shelter to the elderly, men and women with physical and mental challenges, and victims of abuse. Basic amenities, recreational facilities and medical attention is provided to them. Since we truly believe that this is a home to all our residents, we do everything we can to create an affable, warm and loving environment.

At its commencement, the Home started as a 150 bed facility in a 15000 sqft area. Currently, we have 360 beds, with 301 beds occupied. We continuously strive to improve, upgrade and enhance our existing facilities. A warm thanks to our donors who make it possible! The AiR Humanitarian Home at Chandapura has been able to help hundreds of poor people by offering them a home and helping them forget their troubled pasts to make new and happier beginnings. To be loved and feel cared for is a natural human desire. We sincerely hope that you too can help our residents and show that you care - that someone cares, that not everyone has abandoned them.