AiR Humanitarian Home (Bannerghatta) Hundreds of destitute patients are admitted here every month. Some need minor medical treatment, after which they are discharged and sent back home. However, there are a few patients who need prolonged or intensive medical care. They could be victims of accidents or attempted suicides, burns victims, people with debilitating sicknesses or mental disorders. Such patients are referred to our partnering hospitals in Bengaluru and are also temporarily adopted by the home and classified as ‘special cases’. They are treated, their condition is monitored closely and upon recovery, they are shifted to the home in Chikkagubbi Village till they are considered fit enough to be discharged. The Bannerghatta shelter has had the good fortune of being blessed by His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, who was deeply moved and touched by the mission and the work of our organization.

Some of the services offered at the Home are:

Ambulance Service to pick up patients and provide immediate medical assistance.

With two ambulances at each of our facilities, our team is equipped to engage quickly and effectively reach the ones in need.

A dedicated team of in-house doctors, nurses, attendants

Our homes have a resident doctor and a team of nurses who provide first aid and emergency response to the ones who are rescued.

Physiotherapy for patients with physical challenges

In order to ease pain and enable speedy recovery, the team also includes a highly trained and experienced physiotherapist.

Counseling services for trauma, depression and behavioral disorders

While many look at the physical hardship one goes through, we aim to also focus on the mental wellbeing of the people we bring in. This helps the residents develop the will to live and regain hope.