Weary eyes that have tales to tell

Raghu at A.i.R Transit Home

Mr. V K Raghu was born in the summer of the year 1940, when even the photographs had a dull tone of sepia. Nourished and guided by his parents in Vinayak Nagar, he grew up to be a bright young man. He graduated with a degree in B.Sc. A residential school vested on him the responsibility of being a teacher, and since he always wanted to be one, he took it up. During his days there, he fell in love with a teacher at the same school. They tied the knot and soon begot a baby. Within six months of its birth, the baby died of a heart attack and the couple was devastated. However, they did not give up. Mr. and Mrs.Raghu welcomed another baby boy only to see him depart within a year of his birth. This one, again, because of a heart attack. They lost hope and did not attempt to have a child again. He continued to work in several residential schools as an English teacher. The last place he worked was in a girls’ residential school in Bellary.

However, around that time, the government made it mandatory for teachers to have a Bachelors' degree in Education. That left him jobless and Mr.Raghu made his way to Bangalore seeking a place to work and make his living. Unfortunately, soonafter, his wife died due to heart disease. Bereft and alone, he found an ashram where he was given a place to live. He loved being a part of an organization that aided in educating young minds. Eventually, that came to an end too, the place was shutdown.

Left helpless and stranded, Mr.Raghu was living on the streets in his old age. A policeman from Chandapura saw his plight and referred him to us. His emotionally traumatic past and general debility due to old age had taken a toll on his health and he was in desperate need of care. We took him in right away. Today, Mr.Raghu lives with us at one of our homes. He likes to read a lot, engages in interesting conversations with his fellow residents, and enjoys walking in the garden – a well deserved retirement for years of priceless service, despite his harsh personal life.

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