Dinesh's story tells us how the world's best therapy is love

Dinesh Kumar, assisting residents at A.i.R Transit Home

Dinesh Kumar, a 23-year old gentle giant was once a nimble kid raised in Madanayakanahalli. His father and mother toiled every day in and around the village to gather, wash and press clothes. Dinesh was often left unsupervised, because of which he did not get the care he needed. Starved often, he developed a habit of raiding kitchens for snacks in his neighborhood. This habit evolved to an extent where he would have the urge to go robbing people's houses to feed himself.He even got his hands on things as expensive as gold jewelry. Little did his parents know about these activities spearheaded by his stomach. Even if they had known that he was starving, they would have not had what it takes to sate his appetite. When this matter of thievery broke the peace in his family, his parents took him to NIMHAANS, a rehabilitation facility in Bangalore for consultation where he was diagnosed with kleptomaniac tendencies. Unable to care for Dinesh, as they also had two daughters, his parents then brought him to the A.i.R. Charitable home, Bannerghatta. The team there made a special effort in raising the boy, teaching him kindness and morals that now bear fruit.

"Dinesh may have a hefty figure but he thinks and behaves just as a child does," says one of his caretakers at the home. He has been living at the A.i.R. Transit Home for 14 years now. He now often assists the service team there with small errands within the campus. Dinesh says that the people there take good care of him and he helps them because he feels thankful for their love and affection. Over these years, there has been no change in his eating habits but he works very hard to keep his condition in check.

From heavy lifting to helping out people from ambulances, Dinesh helps the team wherever he can. Somewhere, he realizes that he is helping people and making a difference - both in his life and in the life of others'. It is when we are driven by such empathetic thoughts of helping. We invite you to reshape the world with Dinesh, and with us. Let's start with one meal, one person or one small gesture of kindness at a time to eradicate the differences that don't matter, and make differences that do.

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